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Sometimes it can be tough to find a tasty snack that’s going to be beneficial to your running. Luckily, Thrive Market is easing the guilt of having a sweet tooth by hooking you up with Primal Kitchen Dark Chocolate Almond Bars. These treats are packed with protein, fiber, and healthy fats (all important nutrients for runners)—without any artificial additives. But what sets them apart from other protein bars? A superstar ingredient called collagen. Read on to see a few reasons why runners need this nutrient.

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Fact #1: Collagen reduces joint pain.

Running impact can be tough on your joints, so we’ll take all the help we can get here! Runners know there’s nothing more disappointing than feeling worn down.

Fact  #2: Collagen can help you get a good night’s sleep.

That means you’ll be rested and ready to go for that next run. Check out this article about why getting good sleep is essential to your running routine.

Fact  #3: Collagen can give your digestion a boost.

Digestion is one thing you don’t want to worry about on the run. Plus your body has to break food down into nutrients, so this helps all those healthy protein, fats, and carbs become the vital running fuel you need.

All these benefits are sure to help your running! Curious about the wonders of collagen? Let our friends at Thrive Market hook you up with a free box of these bars today. You can redeem that deal here.

Thrive Market is a premier online shopping destination for all your favorite organic and non-GMO products at 25-50% retail price. They work directly with your favorite brands to cut out the middlemen and pass the savings on to you. Plus, when you join Thrive Market, they donate to a low-income family. That’s a win-win you can feel good about.



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