My name is Prabhat and I am a 40 years man living in Delhi, India. My life revolved around getting up in morning, having a rich calorie-filled breakfast, going to work, coming back, and watch TV. I was a complete couch potato..

Things changed when my wife forced me to go for my annual medical check and I found that my blood pressure was way up. Then came regular medicines and stress, as my family has a history of coronary problems. I was a middle aged guy with a pot belly. My clothes were getting smaller year after year…

How I Went from Out of Shape to Running 7K a Day

Then one day I decided to take control. I loaded the Runkeeper app and went for a walk, starting with a lumbering 1 kilometer. I worked up to a brisk 11 kilometers in 5 months.

Then one day a colleague who is 50 said that he ran and completed Delhi half marathon. This guy seemed to be so fit compared to where he was a few months ago!!

I decided to start running. I got myself a new pair of running shoes and cautiously started off. The first half a kilometer almost gave me a heart attack. I persisted. Achieving my first 5K was the biggest achievement I could think of. A couple of months back this was impossible!!!

Now I run 7K almost daily. My goal is to compete in half marathon in November 2015. I have lost 7 kg and my clothes fit like a dream. Thanks to Runkeeper I keep track of my goal and it gives me motivation.

Wish me luck everyone! Every word will be an encouragement for me. And I promise I will post my picture of completing the half. After that, it’s a marathon!

How I Went from Out of Shape to Running 7K a Day