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How To's ASICS Move Your Mind Challenge

Over the next four days in London, ASICS is launching the world’s first running track to train the mind. Here, […]

#RKRunner Guide Runkeeper App Tip: Stay on Track with a Target Pace Workout

Let’s face it, setting a target pace and maintaining it throughout your run is an art. At first it seems […]

#RKRunner Guide Runkeeper App Tip: Use Interval Workouts to Mix It Up

Want to run faster, longer, or need a challenge after hitting a plateau? Sounds like interval workouts might be just what […]

#RKRunner Guide Runkeeper App Tip: Delay Tracking With the Countdown Timer

You ever want to start a run, but not really start a run…. What I mean is you head out the […]

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How To's The Complete Guide to Using Runkeeper in All Running Situations

I’ve been using Runkeeper for about two years now. In that time, I’ve tracked over 800 activities and I’ve found […]

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