If you’ve been following the tech gadget news much in the last year, you’ve probably heard quite a bit about smartwatches. And you may remember that last month Runkeeper launched as one of the first apps on the brand Samsung GALAXY Gear smartwatch–which is now available for purchase around the world!


Providing you the guidance you need–when you need it–is something we’re very passionate about here at Runkeeper, and is why we’re so excited to be part of the GALAXY Gear.  The watch directly syncs with the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 phone and other compatible devices, and displays your time, pace, and distance continuously on your wrist, as well as the content of Runkeeper audio cues. That means you can get a constant stream of the stats you care about, without having to fumble for your phone (or wear headphones, if you chose not to!).

We were truly honored to be selected by Samsung to build an intuitive Runkeeper experience for the watch, and are so excited to see how the wearable gadgets space is heating up! We think there’s lots to be done to make fitness tracking simpler and less clunky, so that you can keep your focus on getting fit. And this is a big step in that direction!