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February 26 - March 30

Run a 5k this month to celebrate Daylight Savings Time with Runkeeper! Use the extra hour of daylight to complete our March-ing Forward challenge. Run the 5k whenever and wherever you like before March 31st - no registration fees needed! This is a great occasion to set a new 5k PR or run your first 5k. Turn your watch ahead and use the extra hour to get a jump on spring training!


By completing the Challenge you will earn a 10% discount to use in our store on ANY item you would like! Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

*Walking and running activities are eligible towards completion
**GPS and Stopwatch Mode activities are eligible towards completion

Terms and conditions apply

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I joined the #MarchingForwardChallenge in @Runkeeper. Using that extra Daylight Savings hour to run a 5K!

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