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January 13 - January 30

This year, we’re on a mission to swear off self-doubt. The only requirement to being a runner is running, so this Challenge is here to help you do just that. Complete 5 runs by January 31 to say it loud and proud: I AM A RUNNER.


While that feeling of accomplishment is a reward all its own, this Challenge comes with some great prizes. All finishers will be entered for the chance to win a prize pack of our favorite items from the Runkeeper Store. We’ll also be giving away 10 limited edition I AM A RUNNER t-shirts, so get moving!

*Walking and running activities count towards completion, because your high school gym teacher was wrong: walk breaks are totally cool.
**GPS and Stopwatch Mode activities are eligible towards completion.
***Activities must be 10 minutes or more to count towards to the Challenge

Terms and conditions apply

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Runners come in all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities. Fast or slow—it doesn’t matter. If you run, you are a runner, and we’re determined to remind you of that very fact this year. If you haven’t yet, check out iamarunner.me to watch the video and see who else is an #RKRunner. We hope this amazing community inspires you as you are getting all those runs in!

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