Challenge Expired


November 30 - December 31

Another year went by in the blink of an eye. You might already be planning your New Year’s resolutions. But hold on—the year’s not over yet! To keep you motivated during December, here’s one more challenge to end 2021.

Track three workouts a week of any length. That’s all! If your fitness has taken a dip in the last few months, this is a great chance to start again and practice a simple routine and workout cadence.


This challenge will prepare you for a new year of workouts. Finish 2021 strong, start 2022 strong.

Running, walking, wheelchair, cycling, and hiking activities are all eligible for the challenge. GPS, Stopwatch, and manually logged activities are eligible for the challenge.

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Remember: Small goals will help you along the way to achieving big goals.

I achieved my last fitness goals for 2021 with @Runkeeper. I’m ready for a new year of workouts! #trainwithrunkeeper

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