Challenge Expired


December 1 - December 31

Finding the motivation to move can be hard. With this Challenge, keep your routine going strong through the season by tracking 50K before the end of the year! That’s just over 1.6KM per day for each day of the Challenge – you got this.


Working in a short break to exercise each day is a great way to finish the year strong and keep your momentum going into the new year.

Running, walking, wheelchair, cycling, and hiking activities are eligible. GPS, Stopwatch, and manually logged activities are eligible.

Terms and conditions apply

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These distance-based Challenges allow you to create your own personal challenges: Start with 10K or complete them all in order for a total of 185K. Which ones you choose and how you complete them are up to you. Get creative and have some fun!

Who’s up for a challenge? Download the @Runkeeper app and move 50K with me before the end of the month.

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