RunKeeper transforms your phone into a personal trainer, helping you track your runs, set your goals, and stay motivated to go that extra mile!

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Why work here?

We are a small team of scrappy and smart (smaht) entrepreneurs that share the common goal of building a breakthrough consumer health business. We embrace our core values, and have a strict policy of no-egos allowed.

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We don't have ping-pong, foosball, slides or on-site physicians. We also don't have much bureaucracy, red tape or busy work. We're driven by our mission of making the world a healthier place, and we'll give you flexibility, freedom, autonomy, and ownership of your role. That's all in addition to our ever-growing benefits package.

And don't worry, we have plenty of fun in the process, between our impromptu stretching sessions, regular company- and team-wide fun outings, and general office awesomeness.

Check out current openings

Our company is filled with people whose lives have been transformed by running, and fitness in general. Our mission is to build a platform that motivates more people to get and stay out there experiencing the magic of this incredible sport.

Below are a list of values that we use to drive everything we do at RunKeeper:


Building RunKeeper is not just a job for us; it's a mission that's rooted in a deep-seated passion for fitness and helping more people lead active lives.


We strive to exceed expectations in everything we do, whether it be the products we build, the business results we achieve, or the way we treat people along the way.


We're building RunKeeper to help everyone experience the magic of fitness, not just the world-class athletes.


No matter how much success we achieve along the way, it is important that we stay humble and remember where we've come from.


We're much more interested in working together to achieve the unimaginable than we are in telling you all of the reasons why it can't be done.


We know you stand a much higher chance of success if you work together, so we're huge proponents of checking ego at the door and embracing collaboration and trust.

Continued Learning

We know the smartest, most learned people are also the ones that know just how much they have left to learn. Our company is filled with people who are constantly striving to learn more and better themselves.


Revenue and profit are the oxygen that enable us to exist and pursue our purpose. Every single one of us must play a part in building a profitable and successful business.


Life is too short. We make a point to enjoy the journey and not take ourselves (or anyone else) too seriously.

UX Designer

Give RunKeeper a hand in discovering and solving one of life's biggest human and design problems: Motivation. You can help millions maybe even billions (someday) of real people close the gap between action and intent and seriously make a difference in their lives and health. This is hacking human behavior at its finest!

Not only that, but you'll be superglued to a team of engineers, product managers, biz devs, and visual designers to create experiences that our users love.

Where you'd fit in

You'd be one of 3 UX designers on our small but focused UX team, and work on a cross-functional scrum team. You'd be reporting to the Director of User Experience. The UX team at RunKeeper is part of our Product Org along with our Product Management and Data teams.

What you're responsible for

Solve real problems in a way that customers love and use and want to pay for. Thats your one job.

  • Work super close with a Product Manager to define customer/brand "Problems"
  • Work super close with Engineers and Viz. Designers to create a "Solution" to those problems
  • Sketch & prototype those new experiences with just enough documentation. Wireframes need not apply
  • Run customer interviews and observational studies to understand the problem up front
  • Design and moderate (mostly formative) in person usability testing to make sure the product works and solves the problem
  • Work the solution after shipping until we get it right
  • Get all of this done in a pretty well functioning Agile environment
  • Help to grow the competencies of the UX team by introducing new processes and methodologies

Skills that pay the bills

  • 5-8 years as a UX or Interaction designer; consumer product is a plus
  • At least 3 years working on a mobile-centric product
  • A portfolio of work that shows you've solved some pretty hard problems for real people.
  • MS or some relevant education in HCI or Human Factors is a big plus
  • Sees the entire world through a "customer problem" point of view
  • Hold your own within a group of smart and eager engineers and product managers
  • Knows that shipping is still just the start of the process; ready to iterate and validate until we get it right.
  • Super comfortable designing tight and simple experiences for iOS and Android

What's the team like?

You'll fit right in if you:

  • Communicate best with animated gifs
  • Like to argue about types of beer
  • Like to reminisce about your favorite X-Files episodes
  • Read all the UX and product blogs you possibly can every day
  • Download a million apps you only use once just to see how "they did it"

What's up with RunKeeper?

RunKeeper helps more than 40 million people around the world experience the joys of running and is on a mission to build the next great consumer brand.

How To Apply

Email Drew Condon to apply. Please point us to some example UX work, the lower-fi the better. It's the thought that counts!

DevOps Engineer

RunKeeper works to make physical fitness accessible to everyone via an awesome mobile fitness app. Our creative, fun-loving team is looking for an additional DevOps Engineer, and we encourage you to apply!

The Team

In a field that celebrates rockstars and firefighters, we’re looking for someone who wants to join a collaborative, informal, fast-moving technical team. The Systems team reports directly to the CTO, and consists of a team lead and four engineers. While there’s a lot of skill overlap among the team’s engineers, this position focuses on infrastructure. The two DevOps Engineers design and implement robust and scalable data and applications platforms, striving to anticipate other teams' needs. The Systems team uses a lightweight Agile process to keep our workflow under control; daily stand-ups keep us in sync. We work closely with the Data team (analytics, modeling, forecasting), and also with RunKeeper’s Product Management teams to solve each day’s problems while attempting to maintain a ratio of to that is greater than 1.

RunKeeper is invested in the health and well-being of our employees as well as our users. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package, flex time, fitness reimbursement, a pet-friendly office space, and more!

This is a salaried, full-time position.

Your Role

As DevOps Engineer, your role would include the following:

  • building new infrastructure and improving existing infrastructure to support the company’s goals
  • integrating existing software and developing new software as required
  • selecting and implementing appropriate solutions from a wide spectrum of technologies
  • scaling service offerings in response to demand while keeping operational costs under control

  • creating and enhancing the build and deployment toolchain used by RunKeeper engineers
  • safeguarding user data against loss or breach
  • maintaining service uptime in a 24x7, geographically distributed production environment
  • participating in a weekly on-call rotation
  • providing subject matter expertise on diverse technical topics
  • developing new skills and expertise
  • sharing knowledge, both within the company and in the larger DevOps community

Your Skills and Interests

A successful candidate will possess many of the following:

  • a passion for elegant, scalable, programmatically-driven infrastructure
  • experience with Linux administration, both in the traditional datacenter and on cloud platforms
  • awareness of DevOps methodologies and opinions about applying them in a production environment
  • familiarity with some of the following: PostgreSQL, CouchDB, Redis, Apache Tomcat, HAproxy, Pacemaker, Puppet, Jenkins
  • comfort working in the AWS ecosystem
  • willingness and ability to master and integrate additional technologies
  • motivation to be bold and creative in proposing and implementing solutions, and ability to support your opinions with data
  • facility with programming in shell and the Perl/Python/Ruby trifecta (Java or other JVM languages are a bonus)

We’d love to hear about how you have approached problems similar to the ones we face, and about your successes and setbacks. We encourage candidates from a variety of backgrounds to apply.

Want to find out why it’s so much fun to work here? Email your resume to Steve Huff to apply. Please include "RunKeeper DevOps Engineer" in the subject line.

Sr. Software Engineer

Are you a Software Engineer that wants to join a team of passionate, entrepreneurial, self-starters? Do you want to work for a mission driven Boston based mobile startup? At RunKeeper we all share a vision to make the world healthier by turning your smartphone into a personal trainer. We are looking for a senior software engineer to lead new mobile projects from concept to implementation. You will be working on the development of key functionality and infrastructure across the entire RunKeeper system in areas such as fitness tracking, coaching, social features, analytics and device integration.


  • Hands-on development for iOS and Android
  • Hands-on development of Java-based web applications
  • Writing solid, well-documented code, and rooting out hard-to-find issues to ensure quality
  • Learn fast and not be afraid to tackle new technologies
  • Thrive in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment


  • BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree and 5+ years of experience
  • Strong project management skills
  • Self-starter who enjoys taking projects from inception to completion
  • Experience with many of the following: iOS, Android , Java, Objective-C, JSP, JavaScript, AJAX, SQL, Facebook APIs, OAuth, or Agile/Scrum

Interested? Let us know

UI Developer, Software Engineering

We're looking for a developer who wants to join a team of passionate, entrepreneurial self-starters here at RunKeeper. Your skillset will expand with each passing day at RunKeeper, as you work with our Marketing and Brand teams to maximize our user acquisition, Elite offering conversion, and brand partner programs. That skillset will be constantly iterating and improving upon RunKeeper's web presence: working on our blog, email, and social channels, and leading the engineering roll-out of campaigns to millions of users. If you build it, they will come.


  • Learn. You don't know what you don't know. You'll need to learn fast, communicate effectively, and aggressively tackle unfamiliar projects
  • Build allthethings. Develop and build upon our web presence and social channels
  • Build sites using CSS / HTML / Javascript, with the mobile experience in mind
  • Lead marketing campaign roll-outs, using database and administrative tools
  • Develop Java-based web applications utilizing Mac/Linux systems
  • Proactively follow web design best practices, usability patterns, and leading UI/UX trends


  • Heart. Miles and miles of heart. Must be passionate about the space.
  • BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree
  • Thorough understanding of basic web tech: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON, XML
  • Familiarity with simple SQL / Postgres commands and usage
  • Passion for creating engaging, intuitive, efficient, highly usable web interfaces
  • Experience in responsive design frameworks and mobile web application development
  • Strong communication and project management skills
  • Self-starter who enjoys taking projects from inception to completion
  • Ability to move quickly between different projects and meet deadlines

What's up with RunKeeper?

RunKeeper helps more than 40 million people around the world experience the joys of running and is on a mission to build the next great consumer brand.

Contact Us

Do you want to work for a mission driven, Boston based mobile startup? Email to apply. Please point us to some example User Interface Development work, so we can get a chance to see your work, both on the visual and code side.

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